1. Registration Period - The registration dates for Global Stock Market Game are displayed in the “Contest Parameters” on the “Accounts Balance” page. Global Stock Market Game administration reserves the right to limit or turn off registrations as it deems necessary.

2. Trading Period – The trading period for Global Stock Market Game is displayed in the “Contest Parameters” on the “Accounts Balance” page. Participants may place orders anytime after market close one business day prior to the Trading Start date. Those orders will execute at the market open on the Trading start Date.

3. Initial Cash Balance - At the beginning of each new challenge, participants will be given an initial cash balance of virtual funds in their Global Stock Market Game portfolio account that can be used to make simulated buy or sell transactions as described in more detail below.

4. Eligible Securities – Global Stock Market Game offers a wide variety of over stocks that are listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and the selected international exchanges being offered. In order to be considered for trading, stocks and or securities must meet specific criteria including pricing, market capitalization and average daily volume. In addition, the security must also be traded on a recognized marketplace. To see which stock exchanges are available for this simulation click on “Trade Stocks” under the “Make a Trade” tab, and then click on the drop down arrow under the heading labeled “Exchange”.

There are several ways to find out whether your stock or option is on the list:

  • Symbol: If you know the symbol of the security you are interested in, get a quote for that symbol. On the stock quote page, stocks that are on Global Stock Market Game stock list will have a trade button.
  • Name: If you know the name of the security you are interested in, you can determine whether or not it is on Global Stock Market Game stock list.

5. Order Types and Trade Execution - Market, limit, and stop orders can be accepted for stock orders (as well as option orders where applicable) at the discretion of the site administrator. All orders for the BSE and North American stocks are executed at the real-time bid/ask prices as provided by our data vendor when placed during market hours. International exchanges other that than the BSE and USA will display a delayed price estimate of the price until 15-20 minutes has elapsed. The transaction will automatically appear in the Trader's Portfolio and Transaction History.

Market orders placed while the markets are closed or before the market opens will be executed as market conditions permit shortly after the market opens. If the stock requested has not traded that day then the trade will be cancelled. Trades placed after market hours can be viewed in the Pending Orders screen. Pending orders can be cancelled until 25 minutes past the hour prior to the exchanges open on the day the trade is scheduled for execution in its market country. Pending market orders placed on halted stocks will be cancelled if trading does not resume by the end of the day. Limit and stop orders may be placed as "Day" orders which are good for the day only, or as "GTC" orders, which are good until cancelled.

If a participant does not have adequate cash or buying power to process a trade, then the numbers of shares will be adjusted to allow the trade to be filled as best it can. Options orders are buying and selling long positions of calls and puts using market, limit and stop orders. Each account is limited to a certain amount of trades during Global Stock Market Game period (to verify the maximum of trades limit, refer to the “Contest Parameters” on the Account Balance page).

6. Commissions - Each trade will incur a broker commission fee set by the site administrator which will be subtracted from the participant’s virtual cash balance. The commission fee structure is displayed in the Contest Parameters table on the Account Balance page.

7. Buying on Margin - This simulation may or may not permit you to “buy on margin”. If buying on margin is enabled for this simulation, it means that the participant can borrow additional fictitious funds from the fictitious broker/dealer based on an initial margin requirement percentage and a minimum marginable stock price. When applicable, these margin requirements are displayed in the Contest Parameters table.

8. Splits, Dividends and other Corporate Actions - Most stock splits, dividends, and other corporate actions reported by the news wires will be accounted for after the markets have closed and prior to the next market opening. These situations may cause account values to be misrepresented until the reconciliation occurs for next open business day.

9. Trading Halts - Halted, restricted, and blocked stocks will not be available for trading. Any trade that is confirmed after trading has been halted will be reversed.

10. Cancelling Market Orders - Participants cannot cancel market orders placed during market hours.

11. Position Limit - Position limits are set by the site admininsatror and can be verified by referring to the “Contest Parameters” on the Accounts Balance page.

12. Discrepancies - Participants should report any account discrepancy within one (1) week from the transaction date. Global Stock Market Game Support Services Group will, at its sole discretion investigates and adjust any legitimate discrepancy. Discrepancies reported after one (1) week may or may not be adjusted. To contact the Support Services Group click on the link provided on the bottom of the FAQ page and fill out the brief form. Replies are usually sent within 24 hours by return email.

13. Transaction Limits – Participants may invest a maximum percentage of their simulated portfolio value in any one stock. The transaction limits may also vary by security type. To verify the transaction limits which apply to this simulation, refer to the “Contest Parameters” on the “Accounts Balance” page.

14. Day Trading & Short Selling – Both may or may not be allowed for the purposes of this simulation.

15. Interest – You will earn interest on positive cash balances in your account and interest will be charged to your account for on margin loans. Interest rates for this simulation are displayed in the “Contest Parameters” on the “Account Balance” page.