Its Free!
Its Free!
Its Free!

Teachers, Professors, and Investment Clubs:

All registered users can create their own private global stock market game or contest for their students or their friends. To create your own private contest, register and then follow the link to Create a Contest. Best of all, this site is completely free!

When you create your own contest, you will be able to choose the trading dates, which countries to trade with, the commission for each trade, and set requirements to encourage your students to diversify their portfolio.

Once your contest has been created, you will get a link that you can send your students to register them directly to your class, for free. Your students can begin trading right away, and do their own research using our Quotes tool (with market and company news, interactive charts, company profiles, financial statements, and much, much more!)

Once you have created your custom contests, your students can join for free, and start trading immediately!

Even More Teacher Resources!

In addition to the ability to create your own custom global stock market game, with your own trading rules, dates, and diversification rules, we also feature dozens of lesson plans covering every grade level! We are constantly updating our database based on the teachers who are using the site, so if you would like more lesson plans designed around your own specific country or region, just let us know and we will add some!

Some other features you and your students have access to include:

-No limits on contest length, create a class for as short or long as you like!

-Choose the interest rate for cash your students hold, and if they can take out loans!

-Download your entire transaction history, your current stocks and spots, and all your Closed Positions

-Let your students trade stocks listed only in your home country, or choose any group of exchanges!

-Pick the currency you trade with, and watch the portfolio values update automatically!

-Follow constantly streaming rankings so your students can see how well they trade compared to their classmates!

-Students can also join public contests, or even create their own for their friends after class ends!

-Get Access To Our Great Financial Calculators:

Create Your Class Using The Following Currencies:

Argentinian Peso - Australian Dollar - Bolivian Boliviano - Brazilian Real - British Pound/

Pence - Canadian Dollar - Chilean Peso - Chinese Yuan - Colombian Peso - Costa Rican

Colon - Dominican Peso - Euros - Hugarian Forint - Hong Kong Dollar - Indian Rupee -

Isreali Shekel - Jamaican Dollar - Japanese Yen - Czech Koruna - Honduran Lempira -

Malaysian Ringgit - Mexican Peso - New Zealand Dollar - Peruvian Nuevo Sol -

Panamanian Balboa - Paraguayan Guarani - Guatemalan Quetzal - Singapore Dollar -

South Korean Won - Swedish Krona - Swiss Franc - Taiwanese Dollar - Thai Baht - Turkish

Lira - United States Dollar - Uruguayan Peso - Polish Zloty

Trade Stocks From The Following Countries:

United States - Canada - Argentina - Brazil - Chile - Mexico -

Netherlands - Germany - Greece - Belgium - Hungary - Denmark -

Finland - Ireland - Portugal - United Kingdom - France - Czech

Republic - Sweden - Switzerland - Austria - Poland - India - Hong Kong

- Malaysia - New Zealand - South Korea - China - Singapore - Australia -